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Welcome to Leslie Mehl Art, a place where I get to indulge the art that fills my head and works it's way to you thru my heart and soul.

For years, my Mom told me that when I was little, the only way she could keep me quiet (apparently I talked as much then as I do now), was to set me on the floor with some brown paper bags and some crayons..that's how it began  for me.

In my teens,, I got up every morning and took the train to the High School of Art & Design in NYC.  There I was with my fringed jacket and Twiggy eyelashes painted on the bottom of my eyes , taking the train with all of these businessmen. My portfolio was enormous and I used to accidentally hit  at least three people a day with the T-square sticking out of it. They all looked at me as if I was strange and I was so proud of being was such a wonderful time..the beginning of a time when it was cool to be different.

On the weekends, my friends and I would go to Greenwich Village and hang out at The Bitter End and Cafe Wha and later Max's Kansas City. One night, Bob Dylan bummed a cigarette from me, another night I sat in front of a club, laughing and talking to Jimi Hendrix before he went in to perform.I was blessed to hang out with Linda Ronstadt and The Eagles when they were her back up band.  I knew Jackson Browne and James Taylor and Graham Nash and Joni Mitchell when musicians were approachable , and invited you into their world. Almost every weekend, there was incredible music at the Fillmore East..the beginning of our musical Renniassance.I saw Led Zeppelin as an opening act for Iron Butterfly, and cried with joy when I heard Janis Joplin for the first time..woke up up after falling asleep to a Grateful Dead 4 hour set, realizing I had broken my curfew …again.
You could feel the change  in the air..we were so young and naive, we believed that we could change the world..and in a way , we did.
 I went to Woodstock all dressed up in white jeans , an American flag shirt and brand new clogs and came home without the  clogs..lost somewhere , even now, in the mud . I marched in moratoriums against the war and sang at Peace marches, and believed then, as I do now that I wouldn't want to have lived at any other time.

The 60's, and the hours spent at concerts at The Fillmore East and Madison Square Garden, hanging out in Greenwich Village and owning the streets of NYC, stayed with me all of these years..the sounds of the extraordinary music and musicians, some of whom I was privileged to know, the art of the rock posters, and being part of something unique and original , has become part of my life and work. And the knowledge that some of these artists that I knew and loved, now own my work amazes me.

I have been blessed to have spent my entire working life as an artist. It is thrilling to describe the pleasure of knowing that when someone purchases my art, my vision and a part of me, becomes part of the story of their lives as well.

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and now live and work in New Jersey with my best guy, Paul, who does all of our packing and shipping,our dog Rosie and cat Trixie.
We treasure each of our customers and thank you for asking me to share my art with you.