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OOAK Bride Of Frankenstein Doll Monster High repaint


This One Of A Kind Bride Of Frankenstein doll is my version of the literary creation that has been part of horror folklore since she met the man of her dreams, Frank.

The Bride is a repainted Monster High doll with a new original face.She has stitches of course and bolts in her neck. She has her beautiful , iconic towering hair with silver streaks on either side , adorned with a glittered bat and a lovely , hand distressed .tattered veil.

She is wearing her distressed and tattered wedding dress, made with gauze and lace, and hand painted with gray and black acrylic paint. She is carrying a purple and black wedding bouquet tied with lace.

She will come to your home along with a 5 x 7 Lustre print of the art that inspired her, as part of your purchase.

My dolls get a new face by hand which I draw on with high quality pencils/Pastels/Acrylic paints. I build up the face with multiple layers of colors and sealing.

Her paint is sealed and her eyes and lips are glossed.

My dolls are not for resale. Thank you

Care instructions: Keep away from extreme heat and sunlight. Do not expose to water.. This not meant as a toy, it is a collectors item. Do not drop, avoid contact with direct sunlight. There are NOT fully permanent sealants. Acetone and alcohol will ruin the doll..Please handle this OOAK doll and all her items with care.

I recommend this doll as a collectible for display, she is not meant to be handled much or played with.
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